Jun 9, 2010

Poker Chips In India

If you are looking for decent quality, clay poker chips in india the best bet for you is ebay. I looked all over google, and found out that ebay is the cheapest and also because going to places and searching for them in the delhi heat didnt look appealing to me i closed the deal at ebay itself.

You have various options at ebay. You can buy a :
I bought a 300 pc set which includes:
1. 300 plain* chips made of Clay (Used in Real Casinos) 40mm Diameter Round weighing 11.50 Gms with Round Edge.
2. 2 Decks of Quality Casino Standard Playing Cards
3. 5 Acrylic Dices of 19mm each
4. 1 Dealer Button

The seller charge a 250 INR shipping cost which if ok seeing the 5 kg he is sending us.The chips are decent quality for the price. Also the delivery was quick. I received my order in just 2 days.So extremely happy with my choice.

Hope you get your Poker Set soon!! :)


Olya Olegovna said...

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Madhusudan R A said...

Can you tell me the brand of the poker set?