Jan 19, 2013

Inspect Element (Q)

Working on the Insta2blog project i learned new languages like CSS and came upto date with the lastest trends and new concepts in HTML and PHP. The website couldn't be done if there wasn't this unique feature in Mozilla Firefox called inspect element.

Its a great tool to learn about the HTML and CSS code of each element on a page separately. I would sometimes find websites on the internet having a feature i wanted on my website. It was easy to learn and understand how to achieve what you want and the different tricks people applied.

In the above picture, I right clicked on the image in the center and selected the inspect element option.
Now on the right side we can see the CSS code and also change it to see what effect it has on the page.

On the bottom is the HTML code for the element. You can click on individual lines of code and it shows you the element you have selected by highlighting it on the page.

Its a very nice feature and very helpful for people like me who learn new things by using the internet.

Oct 23, 2012

Insta2Blog : Done! :D

Finally its done! :D
I had too much on my hand and wanted the website to look good and interesting. Finally its done and is live on the following URL.


You can shoot me with questions and suggestions here as i didnt buy a webhost with mysql. Anyways will be providing most of the info here in different articles. 

Keep tracking me! ;)

New features to come ( Dont expect for a couple of months )
  • User Comments
  • Ability to comment from the website
  • Ability to like from the website
  • View more than the last 15 pictures
  • View photo-map

Sep 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Google!!

Today is Google's 14th Birthday! :) Hurray!! :D

Google which i say is the "God of Internet" as it knows all has turned 14 today. They are celebrating their birthday by putting up a doodle which has become a norm for important events worldwide.

Google as a web service provider has evolved so much since their inception. From being a search provider to becoming a mail provider then maps and now the famous Android operating system for mobile phones.
I hope Google keeps on delivering new products giving tough competition to its rivals and entering new fields for years to come!

Sep 15, 2012

Update: Instagram to blog

Been a while since i last updated about my instagram project. I have been a little busy at work. Sorry!
I am currently trying to sort out compatibility issues regarding the UI for different browsers. This is all my mistake as i made the website using firefox and didnt consider looking for compatibility issues with chrome,opera,safari and ie. No worries! hope all gets sorted out quickly.

By the way, Apple released there new iPhone 5 in the mean time. I just love it! :)

Aug 31, 2012

Instagram to Blog : GUI Update

Hello! :)
So, putting a lot of effort, learning in this the process and giving time to this project i have been able to complete most of what i wanted the site to look like. Im still working on the background and the footer, but this is very close to the final thing.

As you will be able to see, I have used a fixed header as its popular now days and works like the instagram app. The header's theme is also inspired from Instagram.
The title remains the same but have changed the tag line a bit. It now reads "Abhimanyu Clicks.. It's all about what catches my eye!". More personal I say!

Thats all the update for now. I have been saving the links i have found to be usefull and would be publishing that once the website is complete.

I leave you with the screenshot of the GUI. Sayonara!

Abhimanyu Clicks - Preview